Feem Device Manager

Learn how to manage devices in your organisation.

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Businesses, organisations and professionals alike need a centralized portal where they can manage all devices linked to their Feem license. The Feem Device Manager helps with that.

With a Feem Pro License:

  • Your members never get to see ads on their Feem devices.
  • You control the name of the member’s device within Feem to reduce risk of impersonation and stay compliant.
  • Your organisation gets access to prioritized Feem support.

There’s a four step process to using the Feem Device Manager portal.

  1. Onboard your organisation.
  2. Onboard members of your organisation.
  3. Ask members to link their Feem device to your organisation email.
  4. Manage your member’s Feem device.

Onboard your organisation

  • Open the following link Feem Device Manager on your favorite web browser.
  • Enter your organisation email.
  • Your will receive a code via email which you will have to supply to get access to the Feem Device Manager portal.

Onboard your organisation members

  • Whilst inside Feem Device Manager, click on the members tab.
  • Add the email of all members you wish associated with your Feem License.
  • Voila!!!
  • Kindly ask your users to download Feem from https://feem.io
  • After installing Feem, ask them to go the settings for Feem.
  • They should click on link device.
  • When prompted, they should fill in their email address, and the email address of your organisation.
  • They will receive an email with a code they will need to enter back into the Feem app.
  • Voila !!!

Manage your member devices

  • Once your members have successfully linked their devices, they wil have access to the same license your organization has.
  • Back in Feem Device Manager, click on Devices. You should see the list of devices for your members.
  • Click on any of them to rename, and give appropriate names for the device of your member.

Need More Help?

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