Feem Pro Guide

Feem Pro is the ultimate offline file transfer experience. Learn how to make most use of this.


Feem Pro licensing depends on the number of devices you wish to use, and whether your devices run iOS or not.

You only need one license for all of your devices, except iPhones and iPads.

You will need a separate license for all of your iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

Feem PRO licenses are valid for one year. You will have to renew your license manually every year. Note that Feem PRO is NOT an automatic subscription. Only renew when you feel like. No surprise billing.

For more details on our pricing, please consult the Feem Pro pricing page.

Obtaining Feem PRO

For iOS users

Feem Pro for iOS users can only be obtained as an in-app purchase within the Feem app.

For all other users

To get Feem PRO for all your other platforms (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac), please consult the Feem Pro pricing page.

Unlocked Features

  • Priority email support
  • No Ads
  • WebShare security
  • Change device name
  • Change device avatar
  • Change download folder
  • And lots more…