File Transfer Issues

There's a lot you can do to ensure your Feem file transfers complete successfully, or increase your file transfer speed.

For the most part, Feem file transfers should be very fast and smooth without interruptions.

Are file transfers using Feem secure?


And your privacy is also guaranteed.

  • File transfers over Feem are directly between devices. Your files are never transmitted over the Internet. This means your ISP cannot spy on your file transfers.
  • File transfers over Feem are not stored on any server. This means we cannot access your files.
  • File transfers over Feem are “PUSH”, and not “PULL”. This means no one can access your files unauthorized via Feem unless you explicitly send those files.

Where does Feem store transferred files?

With the free version of Feem, you cannot specify your downloads folder, and folder structure will NOT be maintained during transfers. In the free version of Feem, transferred photos will go to your default Photos folder, transferred audio will go to your default Music folder, transferred videos will go to your default Videos folder, and other transferred document types will go to your default Document folder (or Downloads folder on Android).

With a PRO license of Feem, you can specify any local folder for your transferred files. Also, folder structures will be maintained when transferring folders. You can get Feem Pro here

How do I stop Feem for Windows always complaining about folder permissions?

You are most likely using the Windows Store version of Feem, obtained from the Microsoft Windows Store. That version of Feem has a lot of file and folder permission restrictions imposed by the Windows Store.

Uninstall the Windows Store version of Feem on your device, and install the Windows Installer/Desktop version of Feem directly from

Why are my file transfers constantly getting interrupted?

You probably have an unreliable Wi-Fi router, or are far away from your Wi-Fi router.

If possible, move your devices closer to the Wi-Fi router.

Note also that Feem needs to be open for file transfers to work. If you are sending files to an iPhone for instance, the iPhone needs to have Feem on the foreground for file transfers to continue working.

Note that you can always resume interrupted file transfers with Feem.

File transfers are slow. How do I speed it up?

If your Feem displays speeds below 500 KB/sec, your file transfers are too slow. Follow the checklist below:

  • Your device might be equipped with a weak Wi-Fi antenna. This is especially true for certain Android phones. The farther away your device is from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal on your device. Put your devices as close as possible to your Wi-Fi router for faster file transfer speeds.
  • Also, you might be using Feem to transfer files to multiple devices simultaneously, which might slow down individual file transfer speeds.
  • Finally, note that the heavier the files you wish to transfer, the longer your file transfers will take.
  • For faster file transfers, consider using Feem in Wi-Fi direct mode.

Feem cannot access the SD Card on Android.

Recent Android changes made it very very difficult for third party developers like Feem to have direct access to the SD Card.

Feem for Windows keeps crashing on startup.

Your Feem database might be corrupted.

  • Uninstall Feem on your Feem.

  • Open Windows Explorer, and type the following on the address bar: %appdata%\FeePerfect\Feem

  • Delete the app.db file you see in there.

  • Re-install Feem.

How do I cancel Feem file transfers?

On the sending device, open Feem, select the device you are sending to, select the file you’re interesting in, and select Pause.