How Feem Works

Feem requires no Internet connectivity to link your devices!

About Feem

Feem is an app, that allows you to transfer files from one device, directly to another device, without passing through the Internet.

Feem works by pushing files from one device to another. This means you have to send files from the source device.

For increased security reasons, by default Feem doesn’t “pull” files and in no way exposes your whole file system.

Feem doesn’t use the Internet in any form. This means that devices running Feem need to be in the foreground during file transfers. If you launch a file transfer from mobile to desktop and switch to another mobile app for example, your mobile operating system may interrupt the Feem file transfer.

Think of Feem like Whatsapp/Messenger, but without using your Internet connectivity.

How are devices identified?

By default, Feem assigns random names to devices. E.g. Sarcastic Lizard.

You can change the name of your device by upgrading to Feem PRO.

How to send files

Ideally, here’s how to use Feem:

Launch Feem on the sending device and the receiving device.

The file transfer should work 100% of the time and should be super fast.

How to receive files.

The receiving device should have received the files as soon as the sending device says 100% done.

On the receiving device, click on the received file and select to open it or to see it in the destination folder.

How to clear the files

Feem includes a chat function that can be used to send messages from one device to another. Simply type a message and press the arrow to send this to the other device..

The messages that appear on screen about files transferred are part of this chat function. Simply select the ‘erase chat’ option to remove them and clear the screen.

Chat messages get automatically deleted after 48 hours.


For Feem to do its magic, all your devices need to be close together, within the same Wi-Fi network. Technically within the same LAN (subnet).

This means you can’t use Feem to send files to someone in a different city.

That said, you will find Feem extremely useful at home, at school, and at work.

Feem is equally extremely useful in remote or crisis areas without reliable Internet connectivity.

How is Feem different from similar apps?

Here are the 3 major advantages Feem has over similar apps.

Security. Feem encrypts all local file transfers with TLS. The others don’t. Full-Duplex. Feem operates in full-duplex mode. You can both send and receive files AT THE SAME TIME. Similar apps operate in half-duplex mode; you are limited to either sending or receiving; you cannot send and receive at the same time. This limits productivity, especially in an office environment. Business Model. Our business model is simple: If you like the app, you’ll pay for it. Similar apps focus on growth only, then later switch to serving you adware and malware.

Download and install Feem.