Feem Web Share

Use Feem Webshare when you don't want to install Feem on another device.

The best way to use Feem is when all devices are running Feem. But sometimes, not all devices you wish to share files with run Feem already. That’s where Feem WebShare comes in.

How Feem Webshare Works

Feem Webshare allows other devices to retrieve files from your devices using only their web browser.

Once activated, Feem webshare will provide a special URL where other users need to connect to on their web browser. The devices all still need to be within the same Wi-Fi network.


Feem WebShare only shares files you explicitly mark to be shared.

All Feem WebShares are protected via a PIN. It is highly recommended you change the default PIN provided by Feem WebShare. You’ll need a Feem PRO license to change the default PIN provided by Feem WebShare.


By default, the free version of Feem only allows a maximum of three files to be shared at a time via Feem WebShare.

To share an unlimited number of files, you’ll need to upgrade to Feem PRO.