Feem WiFi Direct

For Faster Wi-Fi file transfers.

If you’ve got a fast Wi-Fi router, you really don’t need Feem’s Wi-Fi direct feature.

Use Feem’s Wi-Fi direct feature when there are no routers around you, or when you just want faster file transfers.

Feem’s Wi-Fi direct feature is also preferred when using public Wi-Fi services like those provided in hotels, Startbucks and shopping malls.

How Feem Wi-Fi Direct Works

Feem’s Wi-Fi Direct feature works by creating a new Wi-Fi hotspot for your device.

This is ideal when there’s no reliable Wi-Fi router around you.

You only need ONE of your devices to activate Feem’s Wi-Fi direct. The other devices should connect to the newly created Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wi-Fi Direct on Android and Windows 10

Feem’s Wi-Fi Direct works on Android and Windows 10 devices with the click of a button.

A new Wi-Fi hotspot will be created with a new name and password to connect to from your other devices.

If your device supports Wi-Fi direct, you will see the Wi-Fi Direct option inside Feem. Activate Wi-Fi Direct Mode by clicking on the Wi-Fi Direct option inside Feem.

Only one of of your devices needs to have Wi-Fi Direct enabled.

Upon activation, a random Wi-Fi hotspot is created with the name of the device, with a random password. Your other devices are expected to join this new Wi-Fi hotspot, which will show up in their list of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi Direct on Android (Alternative Method)

Just in case Feem’s Wi-Fi Direct feature doesn’t work on your Android phone, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android device.

If you need help setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android device, please consult this article .

Wi-Fi Direct on iOS devices

There is no one-click support for Wi-Fi Direct on iOS yet.

That said, you can still reap the benefits of Wi-Fi direct on iOS by sharing your Internet connectivity (Personal Hotspot).

If you need help setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPhone, please consult this article.

Why are file transfers on Feem’s Wi-Fi Direct so much faster than via a normal Wi-Fi router?

When you use Feem to transfer files between your devices via a normal Wi-Fi router, your transfer speeds get slashed in two.

That’s because the transfer first goes from DeviceA -> Router -> DeviceB. The router has to handle both incoming network traffic from DeviceA and outgoing network traffic to DeviceB, hence slashing your transfer speed into two.

With Feem’s Wi-Fi Direct, there is no router to slow down your file transfers. Your file transfers go from DeviceA directly to DeviceB, giving you maximum file transfer speeds, as allowed by your hardware.